Eating Bee Hoon from the open air food court across Sarawak River

After three days in Penang, it was time for Amy and me to catch our flight to Kuching. Kuching is the capital city of Sarawak, on the island of Borneo. The flight from Penang to Kuching is only 2 hours. On this flight, the passenger next to me strikes up a conversation and he recommends a few dishes and places. It sounds like there is an amazing array of food to eat in Kuching. I take notes because I am excited to find the best food in Kuching!

I had booked Amy and me into the Imperial Riverbank Hotel for 5 nights. Most of the places we ate were within walking distance of the hotel, unless we were on a day trip from Kuching.

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Imperial Riverbank Hotel

The Imperial Riverbank Hotel is a great budget hotel in Kuching. To save money, I booked us a room that didn’t have a window, which was weird at first, until we had some of the best nights’ sleep ever. The first morning in Kuching, I decided to try out the breakfast at the hotel. I was slightly taken back by the cost of the breakfast in comparison to the price of all the food we’ve eaten so far. It was expensive, but I still thought I’d try it out. For the price, the range was pretty average. There were a few western dishes, but nothing spectacular. I’d happily forgo the western food for amazing Malay food in Kuching any day!

Eat breakfast at the Imperial Riverbank Hotel

Hon Hin Cafe

When looking for a breakfast option, we walked down Jalan Abell until we come across a cafe in Kuching that was open. I choose braised eggs and pork dumplings. I was a bit unsure of the eggs, I was worried they would be too eggy as they are hard-boiled, but they taste absolutely incredible. The dumplings are great too, but the eggs are definitely the star of the show. This, as well as some toast for Amy, comes to around $6 AUD.

Breakfast menu at Hon Hin Cafe Kuching Sarawak
Hon Hin Cafe Kuching braised eggs and pork dumplings

Hon Hin Cafe again

After such a delicious breakfast the day before, we go back to Hon Hin Cafe. I decide to be a little adventurous on this particular morning and I order the pork porridge. I’m a little concerned about how it is going to taste when it is put in front of me as it has a piece of cheese on the top! But once I start eating it, I’m so surprised by how great it tastes. I’m so used to eating sweet porridge, that the savoury porridge is such a nice change. This was the best breakfast in Kuching that I ate!

delicious Pork porridge at Hon Hin Cafe

When you are onto a good thing…

Yep. We had breakfast at the Hon Hin Cafe again! This morning I ordered golden pork rice and a cup of tea. We don’t have long to eat this morning as we are going to catch the bus to Bako National Park. Once again, breakfast was delicious. I sure am going to miss eating here every morning.

Breakfast of golden pork rice at Hon Hin Cafe

Sing Fook Seng Cafe

On our last morning in Kuching, we decide to seek out another cat statute! After we find it, we stop in at the Sing Fook Seng Cafe for breakfast. This was the best Kolo Mee in Kuching that I had. It was so, so good. Amy ordered plain noodles and even they tasted amazing. Breakfast for both of us was around $2 AUD.

Sing Fook Seng cafe
Kolo Mee at Sing Fook Seng Cafe


Jalan Open Air Market

While we are waiting for the afternoon bus to Semmenggoh Nature Reserve, we go for a short walk to find some food. We find the Jalan Open Air Market and I order some Mee Goreng. The meal for both Amy and I costs about $3 AUD and once again, it is scrumptious. Finding little stalls with tasty street food is becoming my favourite thing to do in Kuching!

Lunch at Jalan Open Air Market in Kuching
Lunch Mee Goreng from the open air food stall near Jalan Market

Crispy Chicken

After the Sarawak Cultural Village, we make our way back into Kuching and head to the shopping centre because Amy really wants McDonalds. 10 year olds, huh? Anyway, McDonalds isn’t open and so we head to the food court in the Tun Jugah Shopping Centre. We choose Crispy Chicken. I order butter chicken while Amy orders a chicken salad. I know I keep saying it, but the food was delicious. And so cute with the heart rice!

Room service at the Imperial Riverbank Hotel

Amy and I are getting very tired from all our walking in Kuching. Today, after visiting the Fairy Cave, we decided just to grab some room service in our hotel. Amy ordered a club sandwich and I decide on fried rice in Kampung style with chicken satay. Even though we are not going to external restaurants around Kuching, we are still getting to experience delicious Malaysian food.


Premier 101 Kuching Food Court

We headed to Premier 101 Food Court immediately after landing in Kuching. It is an open air food court, so be mindful of the weather when deciding to go here. There are many food stalls to choose from here. The atmosphere here is so jovial and fun. It is very busy though, even though we’ve visited on a Tuesday.

So for our first dinner in Kuching, I play it safe and go for Kolo Mee, while Amy chose lemon chicken. The Kolo Mee was very tasty, and I ate it very quickly! We did try a tea drink that we were recommended, but as we’ve found, the unprocessed drinks are very sweet as liquid sugar is being used and we are not used to it. The meals, including drinks, cost around $10 AUD.

Open Air Food Court Kuching Waterfront

Just a $1 MYR boat ride across the Sarawak River from the Kuching Waterfront, you’ll find an open air food court. The food court has a fantastic covered seating area, so if it’s raining, you’ll be protected. We wander past each shopfront until I find what I’m looking for. A recommendation from the plane passenger was Bee Hoon, and once I see a shop selling it, I know I need to try it. It costs around $2 AUD. The Bee Hoon looks and tastes so delicious. Although I have to admit, I wasn’t brave enough to try the black egg.

Top Spot Food Court Kuching

We were given the recommendation to have dinner at Top Spot Seafood Kuching. The food court is full of stalls of fresh seafood. There are so many different types of fish and sea creatures to eat. While we are looking at some sea snails, the shop assistant explains to us how to order dinner. Basically, you choose your seafood and then you are charged based on weight.

I decided to try out the prawns as I don’t want a whole fish, as Amy won’t eat any. The king prawn I choose is as big as the lobster next to it! It’s huge! It costs 10 MYR per 100g and just the one prawn is 240 grams! I also order a side of vegetables and mixed seafood.

The food is cooked very quickly. I eat as much as I possibly can, but there’s just so much, so I am unable to finish it. The prawn and vegetables are scrumptious. Seafood is the best Kuching food to try as it’s so fresh! And if you’re looking for the best seafood in Kuching, look no further than Top Spot Food Court.

Sarawak Laksa

I researched where to find the best laksa in Kuching prior to arriving because Sarawak Laksa is meant to be incredible. It wasn’t as widely available as I thought it would be, so when I saw it on the menu in a little stall along the Kuching waterfront, I decided to try it out. Unfortunately, it was not the amazing meal that I hoped it would be, and that would probably be because the chicken still had bones in it. But you know, it was still nice enough and I’m glad I got to try out the Sarawak Laksa.

When in Kuching try the Sarawak Laksa

Room service for dinner at the Imperial Riverbank Hotel

After spending all day at Bako National Park, we are simply too exhausted to go out for dinner. So once again, we utilise the room service. I order Kway Teow wok-fried noodles. They don’t present well, but they sure do taste amazing. It’s our final night here and I sure am going to miss the food in Kuching.

Room service Kway Teow noodles Imperial Riverbank Hotel


Layer cake from Mira Cake House

Another must try food in Kuching is a layer cake, or a Kek Lapis Sarawak. We head to the famous Mira Cake House and we are able to try some samples before deciding on the one we will buy. Amy and I chose a green, yellow and brown cake. When we arrive back at the hotel, we can’t help ourselves and eat it straight away. The cake is really moist and fresh.

Final thoughts on the best food in Kuching

I don’t think it particularly matters where you go in Kuching to eat, you will find amazing food everywhere. Alternatively, the people in Kuching are so helpful, so just feel free to ask a local where the best places to eat are. You will not be disappointed in the food, whether it’s from the hotel, or you seek it our especially. These are just some of the places to eat in Kuching that I found.

If you go to Kuching, I’d love to hear about where you ate.

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