Ready for some interesting facts about Asia?

  1. Countries: There are 48 countries in Asia.
  2. Land size: Asia is the largest continent by size, coming in at 44,579,000 square kilometres. This represents almost 30% of worldwide land mass.
  3. Population: Asia has the largest population per continent, with over 4.6 billion inhabitants.
  4. Largest Country: China is the largest country in Asia and it takes up about 20% of the total Asian land mass!
  5. Smallest Country: The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia and it doesn’t even come close to taking up to 1% of the total land mass.
  6. Largest City: Tokyo is the largest city with over 37 million people. In fact, Tokyo comes in at number 1 worldwide!
  7. UNESCO sites: There are 315 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Asia.
  8. Highest Mountain: Mt Everest (also known as Sagarmatha or Chomolungma) is the highest mountain in Asia. It sits in the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal.
  9. Largest Desert: The Gobi Desert in Mongolia is the largest desert in Asia.
  10. Largest River: The Yangtze is the largest river in Asia at 6,300km.
  11. Largest Lake: The Caspian Sea is the largest lake in Asia, and also the world.
  12. Largest Waterfall: Hannoki-no-taki in Toyama, Japan is the tallest waterfall in Asia.

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