Check out the street art in Penang

If you’re looking for things to do in Penang, look no further than the street art installations around George Town. The street art in Penang was one of the activities I was most looking forward to when I visited Malaysia. I had caught a travel show segment on tv about it and I was excited to be seeing the street art with my own two eyes.

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Getting around

Amy and I were looking at the Taoist temple, Yap Kongsi, when we were offered a trishaw tour of the famous pieces of street art.

The driver offered us his services for 40 ringgits, and I need to double-check with him because it seems too cheap and I’ve been stung in Vietnam before! The driver confirms that that is the price and he will take us around the street art for an hour.

The trishaw tour of the street art is fantastic. The driver takes us to all the famous pieces of street art. He shows us how to pose with the art installations and tells us some of the history of the street art in Penang.

We would definitely have not found all the street art we would have wanted to see if it weren’t for the trishaw tour. You can walk around the streets, not a problem, but if you want to see as much as you can, I’d recommend the tour instead.

Find all the street art in Penang on a trishaw tour

Interactive street art

There are many pieces of interactive street art and they are so fun to have a photo with! Amy was having such a good time getting amongst the art. And so did I! It really is just fun to let your hair down and interact with the art.

More street art

Not all the street art is interactive. Some of the art are just really awesome paintings, or 3D art. Everywhere you look there are small pieces of art and large pieces of art. It’s extraordinary seeing it all.

History of Penang street art

These pieces of street art in Penang tell the history of the area. The art installations are made from wrought iron and I found them very interesting to read.

I had such an amazing time in Penang, Malaysia, finding all the famous street art pieces. And not so famous. Honestly, it doesn’t matter as they are all so fantastic! You’ll also find little pops of street art everywhere in Penang. You don’t just need to go to the designated areas to get your art fix. Penang is covered in street art!

More on Penang

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Penang Tourism Board

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What to take on your street art tour

Water bottle – Insulated stainless steel water bottle to keep your hydration up as you sweat a lot in Penang
Rain jacket – Lightweight raincoat because you just never know if there’ll be a tropical downpour
Handy towel – Microfibre travel towel to have handy
Camera gear – the Olympus OM-D is what I’m currently using



  1. I don’t know why but I wouldn’t have expected street art like this in Malaysia! Malaysia is on my list and I will definitely check out the street art in Penang

    • Malaysia was never on my list, to be honest. I picked up a super cheap flight and thought, why not?! How surprised was I to find out how incredible it was. I loved my trip there and I’d go back in a heartbeat! Also, the food is the best!

  2. I’m mad I miss this on my last trip. I did not know Malaysia was known for great street art. I will definitely keep this in mind for my next visit. Pinning!

    • Everywhere we went in Malaysia we seemed to stumble across amazing street art. It just changes the entire feel, you know? I love it!

  3. Omg the interactive street art looks so fun!! There is something similar to this in Australia at Crown Casino in Melbourne. You’re so right; letting your hair down and interacting with the art is so great!

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