Camping in NSW is fantastic. Our first camping trip with the camper trailer see us go to Burralow Creek campground. This campground is in the Kurrajong/Bilpin area, north-west of Sydney.

Background to the trip

Camping is not something I’d ever done a lot of when I was growing up. We decided to purchase a camper trailer so we could spend weekends away with the kids. It took a while, but we slowly bought the bits and pieces that we needed for our first weekend away. When we finally had everything, Stephen organised a camping trip with some people from his work.

It was exciting setting the camper trailer up for the first time, however, it was strenuous and a little time-consuming. Putting it up was not as easy as we had expected. We were lucky we went with other people who knew what they were doing and were able to give us some advice.

Burralow Creek Campground Activities

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We only stayed one night. The first day included setting up and checking out the surrounding area. We went for a walk to see Bulcamatta Falls. The walk to the falls took about 15 minutes, but the path is so pretty and flat, so it’s perfect for kids.

This area is so pretty. The photos don’t really do it justice! There are scribbly gums, ferns uncurling and wildflowers that line the walking tracks. The camping area is flat and perfect for the kids to ride around on their bikes. Luke even learnt how to ride without training wheels!

That night the kids enjoyed cooking sausages for dinner and then roasting marshmallows on the campfire for dessert. After a while, we retired to the camper trailer to sleep. The kids slept really well as it was so dark and quiet.

Overnight it started to drizzle, so after cooking a hearty breakfast of bacon and eggs, we decide to pack up early and return home. The rainfall has created a shroud of fog that hugs valley and makes it looks spectacular.

Burralow Creek campground is a fantastic place to take the kids camping. There are amenities there, so that makes it a little bit easier. There are many areas to explore and the kids will be occupied for hours. The road in is a probably more suited to 4WDs, so make sure you check that before heading there.

Overall, we had a fantastic experience for our first weekend away with the camper trailer.

Essential items for camper trailer camping

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Melamine dinnerware

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Camping Chair

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