Ultimate guide for travel purses

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable, right?

When you’re travelling overseas it’s important that you choose a travel purse that is not only going to look good but is also going to perform well and be comfortable. After all, you will be carrying this item around with you all day, every day, so you want to get this right.

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The best purse for travel will be one that meets your level of style while being functional. There are different types of travel handbags and travel purses to suit your requirements.

When choosing a travel bag, it’s important to have an idea about what features you are looking for. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want a purse or a backpack?
  • If I want a purse, do I want a crossbody travel purse?
  • Do I want a secure travel purse with anti-theft properties?
  • Do I want a small travel purse or a large travel purse?
  • How much weight am I able to carry?
  • Do I want specific properties such as a travel purse with a water bottle holder?
  • What additional items do I need to carry in my travel purse?
  • What is my budget for the perfect travel purse?

There are so many great travel purses on the market and it’s not always easy to choose which one you will need. But answering these questions will help you decide which will be the best purse for international travel.

So if you’re in the market for a crossbody travel purse, an anti-theft purse, or a stylish travel purse, you’ll find exactly what you need here.

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List of the 10 best purses for travel

Crossbody travel purses

Crossbody purses for travel are my favourite type of travel purse and this is because I am able to have my hands free! When looking for the best crossbody purse you will want one with a sufficiently long handle so it fits across your body comfortably.

Crossover travel purses are also a travel safe purse as they are harder to pull off your shoulder. Also, look for one that has zippered compartments so it is harder to access. When you feel more comfortable with your personal security, you will enjoy travelling more.

See below for the best crossbody bag for travel.

Best travel purse – Crossbody

The Baggallini crossbody travel purse comes in a variety of colours and patterns to choose from. Even the most discerning traveller will like this purse. There are card slots to keep your personal items organised. The bag is also machine washable, which is perfect for travellers on the go. This is a fantastic crossbody travel purse to choose from.

Anti theft purse

Anti theft travel bags have various built-in features to keep your valuables safe. Some of the features include locking mechanisms on the zippers and RFID blocking technology.

Theft proof purses are gaining popularity amongst travellers for the peace of mind that they bring.

For added safety, travellers are also opting for crossbody anti theft travel purses.

See below for one of the best secure travel purses.

Best anti theft purse

The Travelon anti theft crossbody bag is one of the best women’s travel purses. It combines the comfort and ease of a crossbody travel purse with the security purse features to give you peace of mind. This bag comes in a variety of colours and a couple of different patterns. This bag is a fantastic international travel purse.

Anti-slash purse

Slash proof purses help prevent slash and grab attacks in crowded tourist areas. These bags contain wire barriers in both the body of the bag and in the straps which prevent the purse from being slashed in order to gain access to your valuables. An anti slash purse is the best travel purse ever for keeping your valuables safe.

See below for one of the best security purses on the market.

Best anti slash purse

This Travelon slash-proof purse is the perfect purse for travel. It has slash barriers in both the bag and strap. It also utilises RFID blocking technology, and it also has locks on the zipper to make it a pickpocket proof purse.

Lightweight Travel Purse

Walking around all day with a heavy purse can be onerous and painful. In order to reduce weight on your neck and shoulders, you might need to look into a lightweight travel purse. Lightweight travel purses are generally made from more lightweight materials such as nylon for the body. They may also have plastic zippers as they are lighter than metal ones. If you are happy with these features then a good travel purse option is a lightweight one.

See below for one of the best lightweight purses for travel.

Best lightweight travel purse

The MHCNLL crossbody travel purse is one of the best lightweight purses on the market. It is made from durable nylon and is also water-resistant. Additionally, this lightweight travel purse also has a padded strap for superior comfort.

Leather travel purse

If you’re after a more fashionable travel purse, then look no further than a leather travel purse. Leather makes for a stylish travel purse that helps you to blend into the crowd whilst travelling. A leather bag is also a great purse to go with a more formal outfit when travelling.

See below for the best leather crossbody travel purse.

Best leather travel purse

This leather women’s travel purse is a great purse to travel with. It is made from a soft genuine cowhide. The purse has multiple compartments to carry your essential items. This purse is conveniently crossbody so you can keep your hands free while travelling.

Large travel purse

If you have a lot of items to carry, a big travel purse might be a better option for travelling. A large travel purse is handy if you have kids and you need to carry extra things for them, or maybe you have a larger camera that you would like to put in your purse.

Below is the best purse to travel with if you are in the market for a large travel purse.

Best large travel purse

The Baggalinni Everywhere Bagg is a fantastic purse for travel. Not only is it large enough to carry everything you need for the day, it helps to keep you secure with RFID blocking technology. The Everywhere Bagg comes in a variety of colours and patterns, so there’s a perfect purse for every traveller.

Small travel purse

A small travel purse might be a great option if you are only carrying essential items. A small travel bag is very lightweight so it’s perfect to carry around all day. Additionally, it’s so small that it will easily store in a larger bag if required. 

Below is the best small travel purse for your next overseas trip.

Best small travel purse

This mini travel purse is full of features! It has locking zippers and RFID blocking technology. This small anti theft purse is a perfect cute travel bag for your next adventure.

Travel purse with water bottle holder

One of the issues with travel purses is sometimes they aren’t big enough to carry everything you need. A purse that has a compartment to hold a water bottle is a great purse for making sure you stay hydrated when adventuring. 

Best travel purse with water bottle holder

This Travelon purse is a perfect travel purse for hot weather climates. Just keep in mind that a full water bottle can make this bag heavy. This is a versatile anti theft purse as it includes a slash-proof and locking zippers.

Backpack purse

Backpacks can be comfortable when you’re traveling. The benefit of backpacks is your hands are free, which is great so you can take lots of photos. A backpack also helps to distribute the weight more evenly across your shoulders, and it doesn’t pull on your neck either.

Below is the best travel backpack purse for your next trip.

Best backpack purse

This Travelon purse is the perfect size for your travels. It also has slash-proof straps and body panels. Additionally, it also has an RFID blocking slot for your cards and passport. The straps are adjustable for comfortable carrying.

Vegan leather travel purse

A vegan leather purse is a great alternative if you want a sleeker look, but don’t want an animal-based bag. Vegan purses come in a huge variety of styles and colors.

Best vegan leather purse

This is one of the best purses in vegan leather. So many people have bought and reviewed this bag, which means you can buy this bag with confidence. It’s a fantastic size and has both crossbody and backpack functions, making it a versatile choice.

Final thoughts

Buying a purse is a very personal purchase. If you are in the market for a safety purse, cute travel purse, or just a functional crossbody purse, I hope you’ve been able to find the best travel purse for your next adventure in this purse roundup.

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