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Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is a vibrant and beautiful city.

However, when I started researching Buenos Aires, the only information I kept finding was how dangerous it was to travel there. The question of ‘is Buenos Aires safe’ kept popping up in all my searches. Not only that, but I also kept seeing questions asked about if Argentina was safe. As a solo female traveller, it made me worried about going. This guide has a few tips and ideas for staying safe and having an amazing time in Buenos Aires.

Don’t be complacent.

Stay alert, but definitely don’t be scared or alarmed about travelling to Buenos Aires. Keep these tips in mind and you should have a fantastic trip!

Keep your important things safe

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The number one item that made me feel safe while travelling was a Stashbandz. This was a discreet way to keep my valuables on my person at all times. I had my passport, money pouch and phone tucked away, but in easy reach, while I was exploring the city. It sits underneath your shirt, completely hidden from view. This item will be my go-to when travelling anywhere as it is so easy to access my things.

This is the one I went with: Stashbandz

I like to keep my money separate. By that, I will put the money I think I’ll need for the day in a money pouch and keep it on hand. The rest of my cash will be stashed away elsewhere. I also like to split up a couple of different cards, so if one gets lost or stolen, I still have access to funds.

Research your accommodation

I had 5 nights at the beginning of my trip in Buenos Aires and I wanted to situate myself somewhere I felt safe while I got acquainted with the city. All the research pointed me to Recoleta or Palermo. I chose an AirBnB in Recoleta because it was close to the Subte which meant it was easier to get around. When choosing an AirBnB, I like to filter by SuperHosts. This way, I have a better chance of a great stay.

If you haven’t used AirBnB before, there’s no need to worry! It is a great way to get cheaper accommodation with some of the creature comforts of home. Use this link to sign up and you’ll get a discount on your first booking.

Do as the locals do

When travelling on or around the Subte (subway), you’ll notice that a lot of locals put their backpacks on their front. Do it also. It will give you peace of mind by keeping your bag in sight.

Don’t look like a tourist

This one sounds pretty obvious, but there were so many people I saw walking around who didn’t blend into the crowd. Don’t wear expensive watches or jewellery. Don’t make yourself a target.

I didn’t feel comfortable carrying my large camera around for this reason. But phones nowadays can take just as amazing photos and they are a lot lighter to carry around.

Join local walking tours

Usually, when travelling, I just wander around myself, but Buenos Aires has some amazing walking tours available that will cost you around $10USD each. Additionally, you’ll learn so much about the history and culture of Buenos Aires and the wider Argentina. These were my favourite things to do and by being with a local guide and in a large group, I felt very safe.

I did all five available walking tours available through Free Walks:

I also completed one walk that started in La Boca and finished over 15kms later in Palermo:

Muggings do occur

I was fortunate that I didn’t experience this, but there was a person on one of the walking tours who was mugged and shared their experience.

Firstly, someone will splash you with a liquid. Secondly, another person will rush over and help ‘clean’ you, while the first person will be going through your bag.

This information isn’t intended to scare you, it’s more about understanding what happens so you can get yourself out of the situation. If you find yourself splashed with liquid, move away fast and brush off anyone who tries to help you.

Uber and taxi’s are cheap

If you’re still concerned about walking around the city, Uber and taxis are quite cheap and readily available.

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