gift ideas for travellers

Travellers can be really easy to buy for! A lot of travellers are happy to go without things so they can save their money for their next trip. This means that there is probably something they really want, but they just don’t want to spend the money on it! So if you’re wondering what to gift someone who loves travelling? Well, this guide has over 50+ gift ideas for the traveller in your life.

Thinking of what gifts to buy the people you love can often be a stressful time. Especially when you have people in your life who seem to have everything! But there is something special about finding that perfect travel gift for the one you love (or whoever you get in your office Kris Kringle!)

The best gifts for people who travel will be those that are practical or those that remind them of their travel adventures. Whether it’s your best friend, mum, or kids who are travelling, you will find the best gift ideas here.

I’ve been fortunate to be able to travel for the last 5 years, both in business travel and fun. I have come across a few amazing products that would make great travel gifts. Some of the gift ideas listed here are tried and true products that I love. Others are products that I wish I had when travelling! There is definitely something in this list for every traveller!

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Best travel gifts 2020

There are a few things you need to consider when purchasing gifts for travel lovers.

  • Are you looking for useful travel gifts? Those things that are practical for travel?
  • Are you looking for small travel gifts because your favourite traveller is a minimalist? Or your traveller doesn’t have a lot of room for things?
  • Are you thinking of giving travel-themed gifts to remind them of trips taken and yet to be taken?
  • Or are you simply looking for fun or cute travel gifts?

Whatever gift you decide upon, I’m sure it will be much loved and very appreciated. A good gift for your traveller will always be a winner.

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Best travel gifts for her

It could be a solo adventure, a girls-only trip, a couple, or family travel, either way, the women in your life want a great travel present. 

Here are 5 gift ideas for women who like to travel.

1. Bohemian Sarong

A lovely bohemian sarong is the perfect travel present for her. This sarong is beautiful and useful. You can use a sarong at the beach, or if you are visiting temples, you can use it to cover your shoulders or knees. It is lightweight and easy to pack.

Bohemian Sarong

Measuring approximately 72×47 inches, this sarong is the perfect gift idea for women who travel. It’s made from 100% rayon and features amazing hand-printed material.

2. Travel belt

A Stashbandz is one of the best gifts for female travellers. This band fits snugly under your clothes so no one can see it. It will keep all your valuable items safe. For any solo traveller, it really gives peace of mind. The Stashbandz is so good at hiding your valuables, you may even forget you’re wearing it!


The Stashbandz has 4 pockets, one of which is zippered. Its pockets are large enough to carry an iPhone XS Max easily. The Stashbandz is made from spandex material so it stays firm against your body. It comes in a variety of colours and sizes and is the perfect gift for female travellers.

3. Travel jewellery case

If the person you are buying for likes to feel glamorous while they are travelling, then a small jewellery case is a top travel gift for her. A jewellery case will assist in keeping everything untangled and together while travelling.

Portable jewellery case

This compact zippered jewellery case will keep all your valuable items contained and safe. Measuring just 3.3 x 4.5 x 1.9 inches, it will fit easily into your luggage. This little case is made from faux leather.

4. Weekender duffel bag

A perfect travel gift idea for her is a weekender or duffel bag. A bag like this is very useful for travelling. This bag is compact enough to be used as carry on baggage for your next flight.

Weekender bag

This polyester duffel is the perfect weekender or cabin bag. Not only does it have carry handles, but it also has a shoulder strap for ease of carrying. When the bag is full, it measures approximately 22″L x 12″W x 12″H.

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5. Travel hairdryer

Everyone likes to look good even when they’re travelling. So a great gift for women who like to travel is a compact hairdryer. Not every hotel or hostel is going to have one available, so a small folding hairdryer can be the perfect accompaniment in your luggage.

Folding hairdryer

This 1000W compact hairdryer is the perfect travel companion. It has a folding handle as well as two heat settings. It’s the perfect lightweight hairdryer.

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Buying travel gifts for women needn’t be difficult or expensive! Here were five great gifts for women who love to travel. I hope you’ve been able to find some inspiration for the traveller in your life.

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Best travel gifts for men

If you’re looking for the best travel gifts for him, this next list might be able to help you with some ideas. Men are not always easy to buy for, but I think that’s only because we think men’s travel gift ideas need to be masculine. If you think of gifts in terms of their usefulness, it might help to decide on a great present.

6. Travel wallet

When travelling, it is preferable to take just those items that you need. One way to make sure you’re not taking more than you need is to switch your normal wallet out for a travel wallet. A travel wallet is one of the best travel gifts for men.

Metal wallet with money clip

The Ridge metal wallet is a slimline and functional wallet. It holds up to 12 cards. It also has a money clip to keep your cash secure. This wallet is lightweight and durable with RFID blocking to keep your details safe. Measuring only 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.25 inches, it is the perfect travel gift idea for him.

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7. Map tie

If you need gift ideas for men who travel, then look no further than a unique map tie! This tie is sure to be a talking point in the office. Stylish and fun, a tie is a perfect gift for the travelling man.

Map of New York City tie

This silk necktie with the map of New York City on it will be a hit around the office! With a length of 57.5″ and a width of 3 1/8″, this is a fantastic and unique travel gift for men.

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8. Money belt

When travelling, it’s handy to pare back on your things so you aren’t carrying too many items. That’s where a travel belt comes in handy. By utilising a travel belt, you just need to fit in your valuable items, like a small wallet, phone and passport. It’s one of those travel things that’s really useful for keeping your valuables safe.

Travel money belt

This lightweight and comfortable waist pack is a great travelling gift for him. There are thee pockets to keep all your valuables safe. The main compartment is 9″x4″ and the waistband goes from 28” to 45″. This belt will fit discreetly beneath your clothes so no one will even know you’re wearing it.

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9. Cabin bag

One of the best gifts for people who travel a lot is a great carry on bag. A stylish bag can not only look good, but it can also be very functional. Some bags come with different attributes, such as shoe compartments, or suitcase straps. Be sure to really look at all the features so you are able to choose a bag that’s perfect for your requirements.

Leather carry on bag

This leather duffel style bag is the perfect size for a weekend, or to take on your next flight as cabin baggage. Measuring at 20″W x 11″H x 9″D, this bag has carry handles as well as a shoulder strap. It’s a great gift for men who like to travel.

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10. Travel electric razor

Travel razors are different from normal electric razors in that they don’t always need mains power. This means that the razor can be used anywhere, as long as you have charged batteries. Travel razors can be taken on planes in carry on luggage so if you’re travelling with just one bag, this could be a very useful product.

Panasonic travel razor

Cordless and convenient, this razor is the perfect item to pack in your luggage. This razor uses 2xAA batteries instead of mains power, so it can be used everywhere. Small and compact, this razor is a fantastic gift for men who travel a lot.

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Best travel gifts for kids

Kids are so fun to buy cool travel gifts for! Not that they always appreciate the present at the time. But these next fun travel gifts should make every kid happy. And they are practical and useful. It’s a win-win situation!

11. Ride-on suitcase

Large prams might need to be checked in when travelling, and that’s where ride-on suitcases come into their own! Airports are huge and it’s not easy to carry a small child for a long walk. What kid wouldn’t love to be pulled around an airport on one of these cute suitcases?! Ride-on suitcases are functional and save everyone aches and pains.

Ride-on suitcase

This cute bundle comes with a ride-on suitcase and a backpack, making it the perfect travel present for kids. The dimensions of the suitcase are 17.4 x 8 x 11.2 inches.

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12. Travel journal

A travel journal is an excellent way for kids to keep their memories forever. This is the perfect travel present for children who are slightly older, or for younger ones with the help of mum and dad. A journal brings everyone together to reminisce on the days adventures.

The ultimate travel journal

This 84-page travel journal is the perfect keepsake for your kids next travel adventure. It comes with a variety of travel prompts so your kids can ponder their adventure. There’s also activities and games to keep everyone entertained. It’s the perfect gift for kids who travel.

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13. Backpack

It’s important that children have a well-fitting backpack for their growing bodies. A backpack is a cute travel gift idea.

Deuter Backpack

This comfortable backpack is the perfect gift for the kid who travels. It comes with padded shoulders to make carrying it a breeze. It is 13 x 8 x 6 in and made from lightweight materials. Not only is it functional, but it’s also super cute!

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14. Headphones

So there’s nothing worse than travelling and having to listen to the kids’ music or games playing all day. Headphones help to ease listening to this. There are many different styles of headphones to choose from, over ear-ones, earbuds or even built into a headband. Whichever style you choose, they will make a fun travel gift idea!

CozyPhones Headphones

This headphone headband is the perfect gift for your kids! It has a 52″ tangle-free cord and a 3.5mm jack so it fits into the plane jack if you’re flying. These comfortable headphones are volume limited to protect little ears. This headband is washable and easy to use.

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15. Tough camera

A tough camera is an excellent gift idea for people who travel with their children. Children like to copy what parents are doing, and if you’re taking lots of photos, then no doubt your child wants to as well. This type of camera ensures that memories won’t be lost if the camera is accidentally dropped or comes into contact with water. A tough camera certainly gives you peace of mind, and it also gives you great photos from a different point of view.

Olympus tough camera

The Olympus Tough camera is waterproof, shockproof, crushproof and freeze-proof. It’s the leader in tough cameras. This camera will take photos and 4K HD videos underwater. There’s nothing this camera can’t withstand. It’s a great travel gift for kids.

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Best gifts for the business traveller

The business traveller likes to be efficient in everything they do. They generally have travelling perfected because they do it so much. Gifts for people who travel for business need to be practical and useful. This travel gift guide for business travellers also has great options for the everyday traveller too.

16. Electronics organiser

One of the best gifts for business travellers is an electronics organiser. This will help keep all your cords organised and untangled.

Electronics organiser

Measuring at 6.3 x 9.5 x 1 inch, this organiser is the perfect gift for business travellers. With mesh pockets and elasticised compartments, this zippered case will keep all your cords and electronic items secure and untangled.

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17. Bluetooth tracker

Have you ever gotten back to your car after a long trip and have been unable to locate the ‘safe place’ where you put your keys? It’s an awful feeling to think that you’ve misplaced something important. With a Bluetooth style tracker, you can easily find your valuable items with a press of a button. Never have that sinking feeling again!

Tile Pro

With a 400ft range, the Tile Pro will help you find your valuable items from your phone. Alternatively, you can find your phone from the tile. Just attached the tile to your valuable item and you’ll be able to find it! This is a great present for business travellers.

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18. Portable battery pack

The ultimate gift for frequent travellers is a portable charger. As a traveller, sometimes you will be away from a mains power source for an extended period of time. A portable charger is perfect to keep your phone and other items charged for use.

Anker portable charger

Anker is one of America’s leading USB charging brands. This 26800mAh portable charger has quick charge ports for when you are in a hurry. It is 1.35 pounds and measures 0.71 x 0.31 x 0.08 inches. This portable charger is a great gift idea for business travellers.

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19. Travel power strip

A great gift for people who travel for work is a power strip. Sometimes it’s necessary to power up multiple devices at once and there aren’t always enough power points in hotel rooms. For this reason, a power board comes in very handy. 

Belkin power board

Protected by a surge protector, this power strip is what every business traveller needs. With 3 power outlets and 2 USB outlets, you’ll be able to charge everything at once. Measuring 2.2 x 5.16 x 7.2 inches and weighing 9.6 ounces, it’s exactly what the business traveller in your life needs.

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20. Travel garment steamer

This one is probably a bit controversial, but a travel garment steamer can be a useful gift for someone who travels for work. This is because sometimes the irons in hotels burn the clothes as they are often cheap and not satisfactory for delicate materials. A garment steamer helps eliminate the contact between the heat source and material. 

Garment steamer

A handheld garment steamer is a fantastic gift for the business traveller. The steamer heats up very quickly to steam your clothes and gets the wrinkles out of them. It weighs 1.2 pounds and measures 2.36 x 3.9 x 7.48 inches, so it’s compact enough to fit easily into the business traveller’s luggage.

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Best travel gifts for the flyer

Flying long distances can be tiring! The next section details gifts for international travellers and others who fly a lot. Although any traveller would enjoy these gifts.

21. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones come in different styles. They can either be over ear-ones or earbuds. One of the problems with over-ear headphones is that when you are sleeping, depending on your head position, the headphones can get pushed off your ears. Buds are better for sleeping, but one of the problems with buds is that they don’t always fit properly in the ear. These are just a few things to think about when choosing. But whichever you go with, noise-cancelling headphones will make listening to music or movies so much better. It will also help with sleeping. Noise-cancelling headphones are a fantastic gift for someone who likes to travel.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Plus

Samsung is a pioneer in headphones and audio equipment. The Ambient Aware technology helps to cut out unwanted noise. With up to 11 hours of nonstop music on a single charge, these earbuds are perfect for your next flight.

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22. Footrest sling

A foot hammock might only be cheap, but the additional comfort felt by using one is priceless. As someone who is only 5’3″, I inevitably end up with really sore knees and back when flying. The foot hammock helps to alleviate this pain. This was a sceptical purchase at the time, but it’s honestly a game-changer. If I received one of these as part of a travel gift set, I’d be ecstatic!

Airplane Foot Hammock

This hammock comes in its own bag to keep it contained when not in use. It is lightweight and small, so it’s perfect to keep in your carry on luggage. The strap is adjustable for all different heights.

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23. Travel pillow

There are so many travel pillow styles to choose from. Most travellers will look for the cheapest one believing they all work the same, but they don’t. A great gift for travellers is a neck pillow that is supportive and useful. It will be a very much appreciated gift!

Adjustable neck pillow

Made from 100% memory foam with a cotton cover, this is one of the best gifts for airline travellers. This type of pillow will help to stop your head from falling forward. It will also help in making sure your neck doesn’t get sore. It is suitable for travellers with a neck circumference of 11″ to 18″.

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24. Collapsible water bottle

A good gift for people who travel is a collapsible water bottle. It’s important to stay hydrated when flying and travelling, so a bottle that can be filled up and tucked away when empty is one of the best things for travel. Using a reusable bottle is also great for reducing your travel carbon footprint.

Collapsible Water Bottle

At only 5.12 inches tall after fully collapsed and weighing 0.35 lb weight, this water bottle is a unique travel gift idea. It is made of food-grade materials and is BPA free. Capacity is 18oz or 550ml. Larger sizes are available.

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25. Compression socks

Compression socks assist with the blood flow in your legs. They also help to reduce pain and swelling associated with flying. Say goodbye to flight cankles! These make fantastic presents for people who travel on planes.

Compression sock pack

No longer are compression socks boring! These fun socks are the perfect addition to your travel items for flying. Made from comfortable nylon blend, there are two sizes to choose between to ensure a great fit.

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Best luggage gifts for travellers

Luggage can make or break a trip. If it’s difficult to move your luggage around, it can make your trip feel harder. It’s recommended that you have good quality luggage that is easy to transport. I went on a solo trip and took two small suitcases instead of one larger one because it’s easier to lift and move two smaller ones at 25 pounds each than one at 50 pounds. The following gift ideas for world travellers are all related to luggage and packing.

26. One bag travel backpack

With the rise of budget airlines that require you to pay extra for checked baggage, travellers are starting to travel with just one cabin bag. When travelling in this style, it is important to know what restrictions there are on size and weight. A backpack can be one of the best gifts for someone who travels in this way.

Osprey Fairview 40L

Meeting most airline regulations for carry on luggage, this bag is a great gift for someone traveling abroad. It is made of nylon ripstop material. It also includes a shoulder strap for an alternative carrying style. This bag has lockable zippers and many compartments. It’s a perfect backpack for one bag travel.

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27. Packing cubes

One of the best gifts for world travellers are packing cubes. They help to keep all your items organised and packed efficiently. Your packing will never be the same again once you start using cubes. They are so useful for packing!

Compression packing cubes

These mesh packing cubes have compression capabilities to reduce the volume of your travel clothes. The cubes come in a pack of 5, all different sizes. The ripstop mesh material means that these bags are durable and lightweight. These cubes are a great gift for people who love to travel.

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28. Toiletries bag

If you need to buy a gift for someone who loves to travel, then a toiletries bag might just be what you are after. A good toiletries bag makes such a difference to your packing regime. Hanging bags are handy if you are staying somewhere that has a small bathroom as it doesn’t take up any bench space.

Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag

Coming in a variety of colours, this hanging travel toiletries bag is the perfect addition to your travel luggage. It is made from waterproof material and includes durable metal zippers. Measuring 9 x 4.7 x 10 inches when full, it is a compact bag. The bag is also machine washable to make sure it is always clean and ready for use.

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29. Washbag

We’ve all been there. Washing our socks and undies in the shower or bathroom sink. Well, say goodbye to hand scrubbing your clothes clean! A washbag is a fantastic gift for someone who loves to travel. It will not only wash clothes but can save money too as you won’t have to pay to have your clothes cleaned.

Scrubba Portable Wash bag

The Scrubba bag is ultra-lightweight, weighing less than 145g. It is able to fold down small so that the dimensions become 6.3 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches. It requires only a small amount of water and cleaning solution to wash your clothes. It is made from polyether TPU material so it is durable and long-lasting. A perfect travel gift idea.

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30. Scale

Never pay for excess baggage again! A luggage scale will ensure you keep your bag weight under the necessary weight restrictions. 

Digital hanging luggage scale

This digital hanging luggage scale will ensure you are always within your baggage allowances. Measuring a tiny 5.10 x 1.60 x 1.20 inches means that it can easily pack into your luggage. It measures up to 110lb/50kg.

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Best travel gifts for wellness

Maintaining wellness while travelling should be pretty easy. There are so many products now that have been made compact and light, making them easy to pack into your luggage. 

31. Air purifier

One of the best travel presents for people who suffer from allergies or are vulnerable to contaminants in the air is an air purifier. It helps to remove impurities and allergens from the air, leaving you with fresh, filtered air to breathe.

Westinghouse Air Purifier

This Westinghouse portable air purifier comes with a HEPA filter to remove dust and allergens from the air. Measuring 6.3 x 6.3 x 3.46 inches, it can fit easily into a suitcase. It is battery powered so you don’t need to worry about cords and adapters.

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32. Oil diffuser

An oil diffuser helps to break down and distribute essential oils into a mist that disperses throughout the air. Depending on what oil is in the diffuser, it helps to create a calming effect. The diffuser also helps to make the room smell lovely. It is a unique gift idea for someone going travelling.

Portable Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This travel-sized ultrasonic oil diffuser will fit perfectly in your suitcase as it measures a mere 3.85″(diameter) x 2.8″(height). It weighs only 5.6oz. The water capacity is 100ml and this will last for 8 hours on low or 4 hours on high. It comes with different power source options. This portable oil diffuser is one of the best gifts for travellers who like to relax after a long adventurous day.

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33. Travel candle

One of the best cheap travel gifts is a set of travel candles. Candles can help create a calming effect as well as making a room smell beautiful. Travel candles should be contained in their own tin, making them a perfect travel gift idea.

Soy wax travel tin candle set

For those who love to relax at the end of the day with a candle and some quality downtime, these travel candles will be a perfect gifts for world travellers. They have a long slow burn of 12+ hours for each candle. Made from 100% natural soy wax, the set contains 12 different scented candles. Each tin fits into the palm of your hand, so they are small enough to pop into your luggage.

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34. Sleeping mask

Not everyone is able to sleep well when travelling. If you have changed timezones, you might find sleeping even more difficult. One of the best gifts for international travellers is a sleeping mask. When looking to buy a sleeping mask, try to find one that blacks all the light out as well as feeling nice and gentle against the skin.

Blackout Cotton Sleep Mask

Lightweight and beautifully soft, this sleep mask is one of the best travel items to buy. It is made from 95% cotton so that it is soft against your skin. The mask has an adjustable strap to fit heads of all sizes. It is also machine washable, making sure it remains clean and fresh for the perfect sleep.

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35. Foldable yoga mat

A foldable yoga mat is a great travel gift idea for people who want to practice wellness while they are away. It is not always practical to take a large rolled mat, so that’s why a folding mat is a great idea. 

Folding yoga mat

This yoga mat folds down to fit easily into your suitcase or carry on bag. The mat also comes with a storage bag so that it stores neatly away. It is machine washable so that it can be kept clean and ready to use. This makes it a great gift for someone travelling
and loves yoga.

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Best travel gifts for the book lover

Gifts for those who travel and are also book lovers are easy to buy for!

36. Kindle

If you want to reduce weight and bulk in your packing, a Kindle or e-reader is a great way to accomplish this. Not only are they smaller and lighter than books, but you also have access to so many books at once. It makes a Kindle one of the best travel gift ideas for your book lover.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite is better than ever. It is the thinnest and lightest offering, with features such as being waterproof and having up to 32GB storage. Measuring 6.6” x 4.6” x 0.3” with a 6″ screen, this Kindle will be a perfect gift for travellers who love to read.

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37. Travel guide

Books for travellers will always be loved. Book lovers simply love books. And a travel guide helps to bring inspiration, even when you aren’t travelling. Travel guides can be location-specific or broad. So if you know where your traveller is heading to next, you could pick them up a guide.

Lonely Planet – The Travel Book

This book features 230 countries with photos and information on each country. If you need inspiration for where to travel next, this book might just be for you. At 448 pages, there’s sure to be an amazing destination in here with your name on it.

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38. Travel novel

One of the best gifts for travellers that aren’t currently travelling is a travel novel. It helps to inspire future travels and reminds us of past adventures. Travel novels also help us to understand why we travel. You can’t go wrong with giving a book if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for travellers.

A Walk in the Woods – Bill Bryson

Bill Bryson has authored many books about his travels. This book chronicles his attempt at walking the Appalachian Trail. It was a New York Times bestseller and made into a feature movie. This book is a great read and it will be a great travel themed gift idea.

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39. Book holder

If you’re looking for gifts for someone going on a trip, then a book holder might be just what they need. It helps to position your body comfortably to read. It also saves your arms from getting tired!

The Book Seat holder and pillow

Filled with polystyrene beans, this book holder moulds to whatever surface it is placed on. It also doubles as a comfortable pillow while travelling. The cover is made from soft faux-suede.

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40. Book light

A book light is a great gift idea for someone who likes to travel and read books! Hotels don’t always have good lights to read by, so a book light can help fix that!

Rechargeable book light

Rechargeable and energy-efficient, this book light is a very useful gifts for travellers who enjoy reading. There are multiple modes that allow for greater eye comfort. It has a 360-degree adjustable neck, so you can put this lamp into any position. It’s lightweight and small enough to fit easily into your luggage.

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Best gifts for travel photography

What better way to capture the memories of a holiday than by taking amazing photos and videos?! And modern technology makes it so easy to take quality photos and videos. Even with simple point and shoot systems. 

41. Mirrorless camera

A mirrorless camera is a hybrid between an SLR and point and shoot camera. It has interchangeable lenses and full manual shooting options, which means it’s like an SLR. But it is lighter and easy to use in auto, similar to a point and shoot. A mirrorless camera takes beautiful photos, but without the weight and bulk of an SLR. It is a special gift idea for someone travelling abroad.

Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III

It’s hard to know where to start with all the features of this camera. Not only does it take high-quality 16MP photos, but it also films 4K HD videos. There are many shooting modes from auto to full manual and everything in between. It also has a convenient tilting LCD screen so you can still see what you are shooting if you are at an angle. This is a great gift for someone who travels a lot and loves to take photos.

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42. GoPro

A GoPro is the perfect gift for someone going travelling. They are able to capture their memories, both in photos and videos. A GoPro is also a gift that keeps on giving because it comes with many accessories that you can give for future special occasions. 


With 12MP photos and 4K HD videos, the GoPro HERO8 is a great gift for people who like to travel. The GoPro is a small camera, measuring only 1.14 x 1.89 x 2.6 inches and weighing 4.4 ounces, but it sure packs a punch.

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43. Drone

For people who are serious about capturing amazing photos and videos, then a drone is the perfect gift idea for people who like to travel. Drones are able to capture memories from a unique point of view. Just be aware of restrictions at home and abroad regarding their use.

DJI Mavic Mini Drone

When folded, the Mavic Mini is a tiny 5.5 × 3.2 × 2.2 inches. It weighs under 250g, so it will fit easily into your carry on bag. It records video at 2.7K. It’s a great travel gift for people who love taking photos and videos and the additional height means you can take even better footage.

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44. Tripod

There is a couple of different style of tripod that would make a great travel present ideas for photographers. You could look for a smaller GorillaPod style tripod that is able to grip onto different objects. Or you could go for a standard tripod. Whichever style you choose, it will be the perfect gift for someone travelling.

Manfrotto Compact Tripod

This compact tripod will fit perfectly into a small-sized suitcase as it folds down to only 15.67 in. It only weighs 2.03 lb, so it won’t take up too much of your baggage allowance either.

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45. Phone lens

For the phone photographers out there who want options when taking photos, a lens kit might be the perfect gift for someone going travelling. Something like a phone lens is very small and easy to pack, so you can take it with you wherever you go.

Lens kit for phone

This lens kit is compatible for most popular phone models, such as iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Huawei and more. This is both a wide-angle lens and a macro lens to take your phone photography to the next level. This is a great presents for travellers.

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Best gifts for outdoor travel

Maybe your traveller is more into the outdoors and feels more at home in the wilderness. If you need ideas for good travel presents for the outdoors, then the next few items might help you!

46. Headlamp

Headlamps are useful travel accessories gift idea. If your traveller likes hiking, this is a small and light piece of equipment that can easily be packed and taken anywhere. 

Black Diamond Headlamp

The Black Diamond headlamp has multiple modes of light depending on how it’s being used. This lamp comes with an adjustable strap to fit any sized head. It can also be tilted to different angles to make sure the light is directed to the right spot. Its compact design and lightweight mean it’s a great item to have in your backpack. It utilises 3xAAA batteries as the power source. It’s a great gift idea for hikers.

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47. Water filtration system

A water filtration system is required when hiking. Additionally, it is also an excellent gift for travelling abroad to countries where water quality is unknown. Avoid getting sick by cleaning your water before you drink it.

There are many different systems and ways to clean water, but some are better than others. If you use tablets to treat the water, it doesn’t clean the silt from the water. For this reason, it’s recommended that a filter is used. A water filtration system is a great gift for people who travel.

Sawyer Mini System

The Sawyer Mini water filtration system is one of the best on the market. It is a squeeze system which means you push the water through the filter to clean it. It removes 99.99% of bacteria and protozoa while removing 100% of microplastics. This filter will clean up to 100,000 gallons of water, so you’ll probably only ever need to buy the one. It is the best water filtration system and it would be the perfect gift for travellers.

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48. Hiking poles

Whether you prefer collapsible trekking poles or telescopic poles will largely depend on storage and packing. Collapsible poles fold down so they end up shorter than telescopic ones. Although, telescopic ones take up less mass, so it really will depend on how you are planning on packing them. Regardless of this, hiking poles are amazing and will be a perfect gift to get a traveller, especially one who hikes or walks. You don’t realise how awesome trekking poles are until you start to use them. They really will make an awesome travel gift.

Collapsible trekking poles

Folding down to just 14″, these trekking poles will fit perfectly in your suitcase or backpack. When extended the length will range between 43″ and 51″. Made from an aluminium alloy, these poles are strong and durable. With ergonomic foam handles and straps, they are also comfortable to use. These would make a travel accessory gift.

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49. Camp stove

If you are looking for a good travel gift idea for someone who loves to hike, then a camp stove is an excellent idea. A multi-day hike is so much more comfortable when you can have a warm meal at the end of the day and a hot drink in the morning.

MSR Ultralight Travel Stove

This tiny little stove is perfect for hiking and trekking. It is very lightweight so it won’t weigh your backpack down. It can boil 1L of water in under 4 minutes which makes it a top travel gift for hikers.

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50. Sleeping mat

Most people starting out building up their hiking kit probably won’t want to spend the money on a decent sleeping mat. Which makes a good quality mat a fantastic gift to give someone going on a trip or hike. A good mat will make their camping experience more positive if it helps them get a night of better sleep.

Therm-a-rest Sleeping Mat

The benefit to this sleeping mat over a blow-up one is that it doesn’t get holes and go down. It keeps it forms while keeping you protected from the cold ground. The Therm-a-rest comes in 3 different sizes to suit different heights. It is lightweight and durable and would make a great gift for campers.

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Best travel gifts that are fun for everyone!

After all the practical gift ideas for someone travelling, now it’s time to look at some fun, travel inspired gifts! If you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for travellers for your office Kris Kringle, then you’ve come to the right place.

51. Scratch map

One of the best gifts for someone who travels a lot is a scratch map. These maps allow you to scratch off each country as you visit it, revealing colourful details below. They are a really fun way to chart your adventures. If you’re looking for gifts for someone going abroad, then a scratch map could be the perfect thing!

Scratch off world map poster

This extra-large scratch map is 23″ x 33″. It is very detailed and every US state is listed. A unique travel gift for the traveller to remember their adventures.

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52. Passport holder

If you’re looking for unique travel gifts, then you might like a passport wallet. They come in a variety of colours and designs, so you can find a cover as unique as you are! Personalised cover such as the ones below can be lovely travel gifts for couples.

Personalised RFID passport cover

These passport covers are a cute his and hers travel gift for the couple who loves to travel. Made to fit standard sized passports from the US, Canada, Australia, EU, China and many more countries. These covers also include RFID blocking technology to keep all your details safe.

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53. World map wall art

If you need gift ideas for international travellers, then wall art could be the perfect item. It is a fantastic travel based gift as it’s inspirational for future travel. Seeing wall art such as this is a great reminder of past adventures too. It’s one of the best gifts for people who love to travel.

Wood World Map Wall Art

This amazing wall art comes in a variety of sizes, from 1m wide up to 3m wide. It is made from birch plywood and comes in a variety of colours. You can mark your travels by pushing a pin into each country that you have visited. It attaches to the wall easily with double-sided tape, which makes it a unique gift ideas for travellers.

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54. LEGO keepsake

A LEGO keepsake is a fun gift idea for people who travel a lot, especially overseas. While it is an unusual travel gifts, it will bring back beautiful travel memories while you build it. And who doesn’t love LEGO?!

LEGO London Skyline

If you’ve been abroad to London, or one of a handful of other cities, such as Venice or Sydney, then this LEGO cityscape might be the unique gift for world travellers that you’ve been looking for. This particular one is only 11″x3″ on it’s base, making it perfect to display on your desk at work to remind you of your worldwide adventures.

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55. Travel money box

A money box is a great travel related gift idea. This is the perfect gift for someone that travels a lot because they can pop their loose change and notes inside so they can save for their next trip.

Adventure fund shadow box

This shadow box is the perfect way to save money for your next adventure. It measures 9.42 x 9.42 x 1.97 inches. The box can be wall-mounted and comes with all the necessary hanging hardware. This is a perfect travel related gift.

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Final thoughts

I hope this article has helped you find some great gift ideas for travellers. Whether it’s a Christmas presents for travellers or a birthday present, I’m sure you’ll be able to find the perfect gift.

There are so many more things I could have added to this guide. That’s because there are so many more thoughtful travel gifts to choose from. If you have any ideas or think I’ve missed something important, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below and let me know.

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