We hook the camper trailer up and this time we are heading north to Forster, on the mid-north coast of NSW. It is absolutely pouring with rain as we leave Sydney, which doesn’t bode well for a camping holiday. We have booked three nights away and we are staying at the BIG4 Great Lakes at Forster Tuncurry. As we drive further away from Sydney, the rain eases off and finally stops, which is a huge relief! We finally arrive and set up the camper trailer, the process is getting quicker the more we do it. We have been allocated a fantastic location that is right opposite the bay.

The rest of the afternoon was spent checking out the large group of pelicans, playing in the sand and having a paddle around in the kayaks.

Green Cathedral

When looking at places to see while in Forster, I noticed a notation in google maps for Green Cathedral. On our second day in the area, we decide to go and check it out. The drive doesn’t take too long and before we know it, we have arrived at our destination. We walk to the cathedral section and it is a lovely outdoor church area on the banks of Wallis Lake. It is so pretty and there’s even a friend or two you could meet along the way. There’s really not much to do here though, so we don’t spend much time here.

Elizabeth Beach

After Green Cathedral, we decided to check out Elizabeth Beach, which is just a short drive away.  It is pretty deserted and that’s probably got something to do with the fact that the water is very rough and no lifeguards are on duty! We splash around up to our knees for a little while, but then decide to head back.

Forster Marina

We check out Forster Marina and the really cool bridge that spans the Coolongolook River and connects Tuncurry and Forster. It’s right near the city centre, so it’s a great place to have lunch while enjoying the scenery.

Forster Main Beach

After a morning of fishing, we then decide that it was time we went to the beach and had a nice cool swim in the water since it is so hot! We set off and find the sea pool at the Main Beach. The water is lovely and cool and it’s very refreshing. The sun is also really hot, so we splash around for about 45 minutes or so. Just enough for me to get really sunburnt on my back where I’d missed putting sunscreen! Needless to say, my sleep that night was very painful!

And that’s about it for our quick holiday to Forster! We had a great few days away and really enjoyed the scenery of the mid-north coast, we even got to see a dolphin swim by in Ohmas Bay! I hope one day to return there.

10 responses to “FORSTER / AUSTRALIA”

  1. Wow, it surely looks like you had an amazing time at Forster! The place looks awesome!
    Especially loved the pictures with the pelicans. Oh, to be so close to them! I’m sure my kid would love that experience too. The beach looks spectacular!

  2. I had never heard of Forster before reading this post. It seems like a great place for a family holiday though. The photos look nice.

  3. Loving your pictures. I seem to have skipped Forster but it looks like a great vacation spot with kids. The beach looks terrific and we would love to visit someday.

  4. Forster looks like an idyllic place for a family getaway. The pelicans stole my heart. I like the look of Elizabeth beach. The seclusion that it seems to provide is appealing. Makes for a great opportunity to spend quality family time in the lap of pristine nature.

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