Visit the Junee Roundhouse Railway Museum

One of the best places to visit in NSW is Junee, a small town in the Riverina. Ok, so I am a little biased because I live here, but it sure does have a lot going for it for a small country town. And today, we’re going to visit the Junee Roundhouse Museum.

I love being a tourist in my own town. I’ve been to the Junee Roundhouse Museum a couple of times now. I’ve taken both my sisters here on separate occasions. I have an appreciation of trains and I have worked for a couple of different Australian railway organisations.

A view of the Junee Roundhouse Meuseum

This particular building is still a working roundhouse and locomotives are still serviced here. At the same time, this is a railway museum with relics of different railway systems. There’s even a big model railway that all the kids enjoy looking at!

The volunteers and staff are really friendly and are always up for a chat. On one occasion they even let us in to board the old double decker bus they keep on site.

One of the things I love about visiting the Junee Roundhouse Museum, is that you get to see the locomotives and wagons up close. You can really appreciate how big these machines are! And let me tell you, these machines are big!

locomotives and carriages at the Junee Roundhouse Museum

In the middle of the Roundhouse is a turntable and it is still used frequently. I was unable to get a good photo of the turntable on this night as I didn’t have my tripod. I took it while waiting for the late running Garratt 6029 steam locomotive to arrive and be turned around.

the turntable at the Junee NSW Roundhouse Museum

Visiting the Roundhouse brings back many memories of catching trains to and from high school. A real favourite was on the very rare occasion, we would get a red rattler. A red rattler was an older style carriage and they didn’t have very advanced technology and so we would always put our feet in the doors to keep them open during summer.

The rail museum also has carriages from the ‘Fish’ and ‘Chips’ which my grandfather used to catch to and from work when he lived in the Blue Mountains.

I do have an appreciation of old things and especially trains, so I quite like visiting the Junee Roundhouse Museum.

locomotives and wagons at the Junee Roundhouse Museum

When to visit

The Junee Roundhouse Museum is open Wednesday to Sunday 10am until 3pm.

You will probably need cash for the admission fee as the last time I went, they did not have EFTPOS facilities.

Getting to the Junee Roundhouse Museum

It takes about 4 hours to drive there from the outskirts of Sydney’s south, straight down the Hume Highway and then turn right at Gundagai.

Alternatively, Junee is just a 30-minute drive north of Wagga Wagga, or a 40-minute drive south of either Temora or Cootamundra.

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