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Before we left for our trip, I had bought a 7-day holiday pass for entry into Sea World, Wet n Wild, and Movie World. Our biggest decision this morning was picking which park we would go to first. We decided that since Sea World was closest to where we were staying, we would check it out first. After a short drive, we found ourselves there, full of excitement and ready for some fun! Although, we don’t really know where to start!


Sea World boasts a number of animal attractions. These range from an aquarium to even polar bears! We checked them all out and our favourite would be the penguins. I could watch the penguins waddle around all day, except their enclosure is quite cold!

There is also an outdoors penguin pool with fairy penguins in it. We loved watching them swim around!

We also checked out the aquarium for quite a while. The fish, rays and sharks are so mesmerising!

Then we checked out the touch pools where you can feel starfish and sea cucumbers.


Now is where I admit that I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie and I love rides. We all went on the battle boats at Castaway Bay and we ended up completely soaked. Not that we minded as it was such a warm day! I think this was my favourite ride as we were able to play together.

Afterwards, Luke and I checked out the biggest coaster of all, the Storm. It is awesome and I thoroughly recommend it! While we were riding the Storm, Stephen took the girls to Nickelodeon Land to have a ride on some of the more child friendly rides. Amy loves carousels, so it was no surprise that she headed there first.

Amy and Kate then go on Spongebob’s roller coaster. Amy vowed never to go on any more coasters ever again (spoiler: she does).

Other attractions

There are some fun things around the park to also look at and take some photos with. The Creature of the Deep display is really good. They freaked the kids out a little at first though as they are interactive and they weren’t expecting them to move!

And maybe you could take a cool selfie with Patrick Star like Luke and I did!

Getting around the park

There is a monorail that runs around the park. It really does help to get around when you’ve got sore legs!


Like any theme park, food and drinks can be on the expensive side. We took sandwiches and bottles of water with us and supplemented that with some hot chips and other drinks throughout the day. But it’s a fun day and there’s something for everyone!

Day 1


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